Primary Source Description Draft #1

Primary Source Description #1 Draft

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Hi!! I'm Alexander. Here are some things about me: I love the NBA, am passionate about a good burrito, avidly watch Game of Thrones, and actively fight for social justice and equality. I'm into yoga, I have a tattoo (and want more), and fantasize about living in the U.K. I am a freshman at Georgia State University, where I plan to graduate with a degree in Economics and Philosophy. I'm always down to explore new neighborhoods and coffee shops in Atlanta!

One thought on “Primary Source Description Draft #1”

  1. Aline Castro peer reviewing Xander McIntosh

    Good description. Good word count.
    Rhetorically aware with a layout of paragraphs that help break down the information for the reader.
    Needs modes and needs to cite them. Very credible with knowledge on information surrounding the quilt such as Hebrews reading from right to left.
    Good evidence. Includes LGBTQ facts regarding Jewish community.
    Organized in a sense that each of the squares has a paragraph dedicated to it. Could be organized in a different sense such as breaking down the contents of each square or elaborating on the overall schemes of the quilt.
    Lacking modes, there needs to be at least 3 images.
    Text conventions?
    No real errors in spelling or text. Watch out for run on sentences and comma splices.
    High level of detail but could include some more detail with multimodality and a visual detail of the physical quit
    Persuasive or original?
    Very observant when elaborating on the sections of the quilt.
    No polished yet. Good sloid draft but needs to meet the basic criteria and could use more description.

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