Group Collaboration Reflection #1

In the first chapter of First Year Guide to Writing, it says that students work best in collaborative groups or pairs. So, knowing that, Aline and I decided that it would be good to get together in order to work on assignments together and help each other if we got stuck at all. This time was incredibly helpful as she helped me clarify some things that I had been fuzzy on, and we were able to talk through some of the tasks and how to do them. A few of the fears we had, like if she was already behind or if I was the only one who had an issue with one of the technological tools, were assuaged when we started realizing that not only were we in the same boat, but the entire rest of the class was too.

I definitely feel like I have a lot more clarity and feel far more comfortable engaging with the course than I did before we collaborated. I had some Gradian questions that she helped me resolve and I also think I have a far better grasp on the overall flow of the class, its rhythms and how to navigate them, than I did previously.

Overall, I think that this meetup was incredibly helpful for both of us and we both plan on meeting up to work on the course together often.